Boson Lens Focus Tool

  • The focus-tool accessory, allows any FLIR Boson lens which cannot be focused by hand to be focused by engaging the appropriate slots on the lens barrel such that it can be rotated inside the lens flange. (The focus tool has been properly sized such that no vignetting results when it engages the slots on the lens barrel.)
  • Note that lens configurations with focal length >25mm do not require a focus tool since focus is achieved by simply turning the outer barrel of the lens assembly by hand.

Please allow 4 – 6 weeks lead time.


  • A Boson lens focus tool is an accessory needed to change the focus of wide field of view lenses.
  • Teledyne FLIR SKU: 261-2609-00
  • This product is NOT compatible with the following FLIR Boson Thermal Imagers:
    • Boson 320
      • 18mm Lens
      • 36mm Lens
      • 55mm Lens
    • Boson 640
      • 4.9mm Lens
      • 8.7mm Lens
      • 9.2mm Lens
      • 18mm Lens
      • 24.4mm Lens
      • 36mm Lens
      • 55mm Lens
      • 73mm Lens